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Author: Mariana M Hello Gorgeous! It is so beautiful to have you here with us. My name is Mariana and I want to give you a warm welcome, just the way we do in my beautiful country Costa Rica. If you ever heard about it, you'd know we are well known for being loving, caring,... Continue Reading →

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21 Signs That You’re a Highly Sensitive Person/ Must Read

21 Signs That You’re a Highly Sensitive Person Hello gorgeous soul, in this series of Articles about Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) can help us understand why we feel in a certain way in certain situations, sometimes making us feel confused and lost in our own mind. Finding out if you are a highly sensitive person... Continue Reading →

Ancient Greek Wisdom for a Healthy Gut & Immune System Hello sweet soul, here’s another interesting article about The Gut, which shouldn’t be taken for granted, but to be more taken into important consideration and be absolutely aware of its impact in our general health and even mental health as I have mentioned in this... Continue Reading →

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