Welcome to our Blog

Hello Gorgeous! It is so beautiful to have you here with us.

My name is Mariana and I want to give you a warm welcome, just the way we do in my beautiful country Costa Rica. If you ever heard about it, you’d know we are well known for being loving, caring, lively, warm people, so when someone comes to our house, we given receive them with a huge smile and a meaningful hug. So this is exactly how I am welcoming you today!

Thank you for visiting our Blog! Honestly, thank you! To us is so amazing when someone comes to visit us, whether is a first time or a recurrent visitor.

The Powerful Living Blog has born out of a personal need to help people to overcome their mental-weathers, their fears, their internal battles, basically to be more human and less miserable, to accomplish more understanding and to reach peace and joy.

Please read the “Get to know me better” section, where little by little I’ll tell my story. I must confess this is no easy task, most of my story is nothing to be proud of, but today I am thankful to say, I have made it this far against all odds.

We aim to create not only a typical Blog where you go and read something and leave, we aim to create a Family, a community for everyone and anyone who’d feel this is the right place for them to join. We don’t judge, we don’t question, we don’t point fingers at anyone, we just want you to be happy and fulfill in the way the Divine has already set the path for you.

Check out the Blog often because we are developing a series of content that will blow your mind to the infinite and beyond, so we all together can reach the stars!

We intention is to help, to care, to bring a change in your life.

Our Goal, to GIVE AWAY as much LOVE as we can, to be that change we want in the World.

Again, thank you and don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list, you never know when the SIGN that you been looking for will show up!

Huge HUGEEE hugs to YOU!

Introduce yourself! Leave a message below, we’d love to know you more!

18 thoughts on “Welcome to our Blog

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  1. Glad you were sent my way. Glad I was sent your way. I’m a USA/Guatemala citizen visiting Amman, Jordan. Let’s keep in touch by the power of love and wisdom from our Creator so graciously bestowed upon us. Much love, thiaBasilia. 🙂

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      1. How is life in Costa Rica? I wonder when not if we all come together under the banner of His love. Will He bring you here? I know this is my final destination until the return of our Redeemer. So much to look forward to. I’m working on His leading to format all entries since June 2019 into a series of books to tell all His doings to renew my life. Amazing to me how He has got it all together for me, you’ll see. 🙂

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      2. Costa Rica is beautiful! People are nice! The fauna and flora are impressive! I think everyone should visit Costa Rica.. 😁 that really sound impressive! I currently live in Italy. Beautiful country as well! I’d love to read that book. Keep us posted! 🤗


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