The TOP 8 Books about Mindfulness you MUST Read

Hello Gorgeous Soul, this are some of the great books out there for mindfulness, make sure you take a look and decide which one will suit you better. ★★★★★ Click here to Purchase Disclaimer>>> Dear reader, in this blog you might come across some affiliate links... Continue Reading →

Mastermind Coming Soon!

Learn from my 30+ years life experience. Leave you comments bellow of what could be that one thing you wish to change RIGHT NOW to make your life a better place to be! In this Mastermind Event we I will teach you how to overcome it, how to stop the toxic habits that lead you... Continue Reading →

Why Practice Mindfulness?

Hello helloooo again Gorgeous!!! Before we jump into any type of practice, we need to understand the pros and cons of each practices. Keep yourself educated and well informed will not only make your life so much easier but also will allow you take the most accurate decision on a given time. So, let’s get... Continue Reading →

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