How Can I Be Depressed for No Reason?

Hello gorgeous soul, is a concerning reality that many people struggle with depression every single day of their lives, every minute is a complete challenge to overcome and in other cases, surviving is the challenge.

The norm of someone getting depressed is when there is a visible reason like an illness, relationship difficulties or the loss of a job. But it can be difficult to comprehend why it doesn’t work that way for some of us. Why would someone be depressed if everything in their life is going well? When there is no apparent reason to be depressed, why do we feel so hopeless and sad? It just doesn’t make any sense, right?

What Causes Depression

Depression can be caused by a malfunction within the brain that causes a person to not produce enough of specific chemicals, called neurotransmitters, which scientists believe are responsible for the mood control mechanism. This malfunctioning could be compared to other illnesses such as diabetes, where the body no longer produces enough insulin; the same appears to happen to our brain. So, there is not a real need for an external factor to affect our mental-weather – as I like to call it- the reason is the chemical deficiency in our brains.

For years, researchers have been studying how Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)—an 8-week mindfulness-based program that draws on cognitive behavioural therapy—can provide relief for those with chronic depression and anxiety.

Disempowering Depressing Thoughts

Cognitive therapy is considered a valuable standard treatment for depression, it teaches patients how to detect when they are mired negative self-talk and redirect that thinking. When combined with mindfulness, individuals can work on noticing negative thought loops, not trying to fix the content of the thoughts but forwarding from them.

 “Instead of getting drawn into our emotions and our thoughts, which is what happens when we’re depressed or anxious, we recognize them as those thoughts again, or those feelings again, and that disempowers them.”

Combining Mindfulness with Cognitive Therapy

Meditation commonly makes people feel more positively and helps reduce anxiety, but it becomes particularly powerful when it’s combined with a psychotherapy, when needed.

The combination of mindfulness and cognitive therapy is what makes MBCT so powerful, as mindfulness helps you notice your feelings and cognitive therapy helps you work through them.

Useful Technique

A simple technique that you can start using now is by creating a habit of not letting those thoughts that might take you over-thinking, instead contradicting them with real evidence, saying things like:

  • They’re not true
  • I don’t have to believe them
  • This doesn’t serve me
  • Is not real
  • Is not happening right now
  • I am not my emotions and feelings
  • I have full control of my thoughts
  • I choose not to follow this thoughts and emotions

These sentences can be of great relief and will give you awareness of your thoughts and emotions.

A review of nine clinical trials analysing people with severe depression found MBCT reduced a patient’s chances of relapsing for up to 60 weeks, regardless of their sex, age, education or relationship status.

Mindfulness and other meditations, particularly combined with cognitive therapy, work just as well for anxiety or depression as the medications do, but they don’t have those undesirable side effects drugs can have.

As always Big HUGE Hugs filled with warm understanding from my home to you.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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