14 Tips for Managing with Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

14 Tips for Managing with Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

Hello beautiful being, as every day I bring to you information of great value to help you overcome your difficulties, since I am not physically next to you, I work really hard to bring the kind of information that has helped me to deal with my own journey and circumstances.

If you are reading this most probably you know someone who has been struggling with suicidal thoughts, or even if this person is you; but let me tell you something, you are not alone. Having thoughts of wanting to take your own life is a common manifestation among those dealing with depression. It is vital importance to remember, however, that what you are feeling does not have to translate into action. There are ways to relief your heart, your mind and soul.

Notice in your surroundings, everything is your life circumstances are constantly changing, and your feelings will also change, no matter how hopeless it feels right now. Although it may be hard to see it when you are feeling deeply depressed, there is hope.

Depression is a repairable illness and there are many options that may and will help you. Even if one treatment does not help, this does not mean that another treatment won’t. In the meantime, there are steps you can follow to cope with your feelings and start making changes that will improve your life and mental weather.

1. Admitting you have a Challenge in your life.

Realizing you have a challenging condition, taking actions to improve it is the first step to recovery. If you have found that you might be suffering of Depression and you have thoughts to end up what right now seems to be unbearable, stop right now. TAKE A DEEP BREATH, hold it for 3 seconds, now let all the air come out of your lungs. Do it another 4 times.   

Now get honest with yourself and admit you have a challenging situation and is time to search for assistance. Don’t be afraid, don’t over think, do not pretend to know what or how others might react, look at yourself in the mirror and set up a goal to help the person that is looking back at you.

You are not alone.

2. Seek Professional Help

After recognizing this challenge in your life, find a source to assist you. If you are not presently receiving any treatment for your depression; this step involves setting up an appointment with your family doctor, psychiatrist, priest, healer, reiki practitioner, holistic healer, or any other mean you feel the most comfortable to reach right now to be evaluated and treated. If you are already in treatment but are struggling, your doctor, healer or practitioner will be able to help you, either by working with you to make changes in your treatment.

Psychotherapy, counselling, yoga, reiki, meditation, mindfulness, are methods you can experiment with until you find what works the best for you. In the traditional medicine, Psychotherapy also known as “talk therapy,” is a first-line treatment that your doctor may recommend for your depression, either alone or combined with an antidepressant (pharmaceutical drugs) make sure you are aware of the side effects of this drugs and willing to compromise to that, if not I’d highly advice to find alternative medicine such a acupuncture, homeopathy, reiki healing, herbs, etc . In some studies comparing the two, psychotherapy “appears” to work about as well as antidepressants at helping to alleviate symptoms, although if you are feeling suicidal and need quick relief, psychotherapy alone may not be your best option.

3. Ask a Doctor If Medication Is Right for You

Antidepressants are generally the first treatment that your doctor will try. If you have already tried an antidepressant without success, this does not necessarily mean that you should give up. Maybe the approach to your depression should head now to a more holistic spirtitual way, where your mind, soul and body get in balance to find the root of what is the real lack your soul is suffering from.

Do not summit yourself into the use of any pharmaceutical drugs until you understand the consequences of this drugs in your body and in your brain functionality.

Be up front with your doctor and ask every question that comes to your mind and do your own research, you want to get better, not worst.

4. Call a Suicide Hotline

If you are feeling you can’t keep on, is getting to that stage where you feel you might do something to end the suffering you are experiencing, Suicide hotlines and Chat rooms are important resources. They are free and can connect you with a counsellor who will allow you to talk about your feelings in a safe, private environment.

Find yours now:

USA: https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/

Canada: http://www.crisisservicescanada.ca/

Uk: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/suicide/

Australia: https://www.lifeline.org.au/

Europe: https://www.iasp.info/resources/Crisis_Centres/Europe/

Or find yours here: https://www.iasp.info/resources/Crisis_Centres/

Your life is worth living and there’s a reason why you are alive. Your responsibility is to find that reason and make it happen. You are valuable! You are important! It can be fixed!

5. Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

While it may be tempting to hide from the pain by using drugs or alcohol, this is a bad idea. Alcohol can intensify your feelings of sadness and hopelessness. Drugs only bring more feelings of sadness, depression, anxiety and paranoia. You want to get better, not worst! You can find the drive to smile again in yourself, you just need a little help.

In addition, alcohol and drugs may lower your inhibitions, making you more likely to act on your temporary feelings. Facing any situation with avoidance mechanisms, only hides the symptom of the illness, but won’t fix the root of it. And you want to fix it, not hide it or ignore it.

6. Work on Problem Solving

In most cases, depression is related to a situation that has happened or is currently happening in your life, individualizing that situation, understanding what is the cause of that makes you depressed about this, spending more time in finding “problem-solving” mindset instead of dwelling on it, will increase your mood greatly.

If your problem feels particularly large or difficult, focus on what “baby steps” you can take that will lead you in the direction of a solution. Get your mind in the “how can I fix it” mode. It’s a must and you have everything in your power to make it happen.

Remember that, the same amount of energy that takes you to be depressed and feeling miserable, is the same effort as being joyful, pro-active and mindful. The difference is the final result. Choose to be a better version of yourself. You deserve that much.

7. Make Your Environment Safe

When we find ourselves in this destructive mindset, days can turn into a living nightmare of continuous fantasising of how to put an end to one’s misery. This cycle of suicidal thoughts that at the beginning are just temporary feelings, but the constant repetition of this mental energy can lead to translate into action. So, in those moments of clarity make sure your environment is safe, this could involve removing items from your home that you may feel tempted to use to hurt yourself, such as pills or guns, etc. If removing these items from your home isn’t achievable, remove yourself from the situation by going somewhere else for a while. Meditate, breath deeply, take a walk, listen to a life coach on YouTube, play music you really like, watch funny videos or comedians, do anything that can unplug you from that mindset ASAP.


Every day can be a challenge if that’s what you set up your mind to do. When you are feeling bad as a respond to a situation of your dislike, it’s very easy to overlook all the positive things that are in your life. You might ask, like what?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am a breathing by my own means?
  • What is that thing that I am passionate about?
  • What do I enjoy doing?
  • How can I help someone out there that could be in a worst condition than mine?
  • What service can I provide to the world?
  • What makes me smile?
  • Do I have someone that cares for me?
  • Do I care for someone?
  • Do I have a place to live?
  • Do I have food over my table?
  • Do I have mobility in my body?
  • Why am I jeopardizing myself?
  • Why do I sabotage my life?
  • Why am I so upset with myself?
  • How long have been feeling this way?
  • Why am I choosing to stay this way?
  • Are there people in your life who would be hurt by your death?
  • Are you willing to let them bear with the outcome of your decision?

Your life is worth living, so live it.

No excuses, no self-destructive thoughts, no more self-pity, no one will come and rescue from the hole you have thrown yourself into, the knights with shining armour are all busy, taken or in a fairy tale, no one but YOU, is responsible of your life, your wishes and your dreams, and only you can make them happen.

Whenever your time to leave this human experience arrives, welcome it with the certainty that you have done everything and anything to make the most of it, this way death would be not the getaway of the reality you have built with your own decisions, but the outcome of a great journey in which your quest for the truth of yourself was the only goal.

9. Seek Human Contact

As we go through this stage of what might seem complete darkness, all we seek is for more darkness to surround us. We isolate ourselves from other people to consume in loneliness, shame, guilt, over thinking the past scenarios and situations that have driven us to this stage. We become like a shell where we see nothing but absolute darkness.

Although your first inclination may be to isolate yourself in your home and avoid contact with other people, it can be helpful to do just the opposite.

Take one step at the time, take a long shower, take good care of your body, wash it with love and care, as you’d do for someone you care for. Wash your teeth with full awareness of what you are doing. Spray on your favourite cologne or perfume that makes you feel cute. Style your hair the way you like it or try something new, be spontaneous. Wear clothes that are comfortable and special to you, put on some the charm on and go out.

Go out for a walk, where? It doesn’t matter. Go out. Try the market, buy some food that you enjoy, talk to the farmers, they are usually friendly and willing to sell with a huge smile. Go to a Café, sit there and watch people without any judgmental thoughts, just observe how life manifest itself in so many different ways and shapes. Smell a flower, admire the sky, feel the breeze in your hands, let the sun or the rain caress your face, feel what being alive is all about.

Get to enjoy the miracle of living.

10. Speak with Someone You Trust

Although life can be lonely when you are depressed and the feeling of having no one to care for you, this perception might be distorted by the beliefs you have settled in your mind, that have indeed, lead you to this temporary state of darkness. Finding someone who you can talk about your challenges is not as hard as you might think it is. The boundaries in our minds that make us believe that on one cares, will listen or even we may find ourselves doubting of our own mental health, our perceptions of life, to a point we are afraid to communicate to someone because of the fear of judgment. Talking to someone can be of great help – having someone to whom you can express your feelings, your emotions, your thoughts and struggles can bring a great relief to our souls when we feel overloaded. This person could be anyone you trust, such as a friend, relative, clergy or therapist; what truly matters is that you get your feelings out there, not allowing them to consume you.

11. Keep Yourself Busy

Coping with your suicidal feelings is a cross to bear for what is worth, but if you have already started implementing one or more of the steps I have mentioned above, sometimes is simply a matter of waiting until the healing therapy you have chosen starts to improve your vision of life and your will circumstances change. While you are waiting, however, it can help for you to find ways to distract yourself from the emotional pain and the understanding of this dark moment.

Write in a piece of paper that you have easy access the following:

I am a healthy, social, happy, lovable human being. This is my journey and I am living it with enthusiasm. I am a fighter, a warrior and I SHALL NEVER GIVE UP, because I am strong, and I will SUCCEED.

Read this aloud every morning when you wake up, have it with you whenever you go, read it when you are feeling the darkness could take over. Read it before going to bed and repeat.

This exercise might seem odd and completely out of place at the beginning, because you won’t agree with those words, but this is a re-programming for your subconscious. We need to erase the destructive programming in your psych. So, do it every day with all the energy you have to become a better version of yourself, and you will accomplish it. Even if you feel is stupid, it doesn’t make sense, is pointless, just keep on doing! Fake it until you make it!

12. Remind Yourself of Past Experiences

Have you been through other episodes of depression? Think back to what steps you took that helped you then and repeat them. Most importantly, remind yourself that the painful feelings eventually passed.

13. Make out of your weakness your strength

This what has been call the dark night of the soul, and in order to find the light, there is a need for the darkness to guide us to it.

This moment in your life is not the destination is just a path of the journey to your greatest self. Most people give up 3 feet away from the gold, they give up right when they were about to reach the destination. It doesn’t really matter what is in the other side, what would you gain in the future, the only thing that is undeniable IMPORTANT, is now and how to moving your energy through this ether to leave your mark in the world, and if you are reading this right now, is because you are here to find your true soul calling.

The reason why most of us have dropped into depression is simple, we are not following our soul calling, we are not doing what we are supposed to do, and we are not doing what sets our soul in fire. Your soul is making you uncomfortable, annoyed, upset, angry, frustrated so you come to a point where you can no longer do what you are doing that is opposite to your calling.

This what you think is the worst moment of your life, is nothing but a road traced by your soul to move forward to where you truly belong.

14. Read Books of Self-improvement

Getting into your mind new information of how to overcome your difficulties is of massive impact in your psych. In order to remove all that is not serving you, is necessary to remove it and plant new sprouts of fresh knowledge that can inspire you to become the best version of yourself, which is the only true goal in this human experience.

In an upcoming Article I will advice you of some Great readings in self-improvement that has made a significant improvement in thousands of people around the world and they will do the same for you.

My aim is to be a valuable source of information for those who are in need of aid in difficult times, since I have found myself in these circumstances, I have struggled with them, my soul calling is to help others to cope with this human experience and become the best version of themselves.

May my soul be next to yours, hugging you with eternal love and compassion.

You are not alone, and you will get through this.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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